Getting started with Python

Today, we will look at the Wing IDE, which is our editor that we will use to code python. We will create a simple HelloWorld program. Then we will learn how to submit your assignment to the dropbox.

Step 1: Make sure Wing IDE is pointed to Python3. When you launch Wing IDE, go to the “Edit” menu, and click on “configure python”. In the dialog box at the very top, check “custom”, and make sure you type in:


It will ask you to click on restart Wing IDE. When restarted, in the output window in the lower left hand-side, you will see that your Python version is 3.5.2 and not 2.5.xx

When you are done the lesson tutorial (up to the end of lesson 1.4) from the website below:

Create a folder with your name, save your file in the format:

Then follow the steps below to hand in your lesson:

  1. Open finder
  2. click on “GO” menu
  3. click on “connect to server”
  4. type in “smb://”
  5. click on the “+” to save it in the list
  6. double click on it to open it up
  7. Choose Coding Block C
  8. Copy your folder into the window
  9. Your Done!

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