Chp 3 Lab assignment, quiz game

Before starting, take the practice quiz for chapter 3 here:

There will be a quiz on Monday for chapter 3.

For this chapter lab, you are to create a quiz game using Python3. The assignment is based on the chapter 3 lab below:

Here are the specific requirements for the assignment:

  • at least 5 or more questions
  • at least 1 question of each type: math question, text response, and multiple choice
  • let the user know if they got the answer right or wrong. You need to take into account different case for letters, for example, if they enter ‘A’ or ‘a’.
  • keep track of correct answers, and print a percentage of how much they got correct, please round up to the nearest whole number.

Follow the rest of the guidelines from the link above in the “keep the following in mind”. And your sample out run should look like:

Quiz time!

How many books are there in the Harry Potter series? 7

What is 3*(2-1)? 3

What is 3*2-1? 5

Who sings Black Horse and the Cherry Tree?
1. Kelly Clarkson
2. K.T. Tunstall
3. Hillary Duff
4. Bon Jovi
? 2

Who is on the front of a one dollar bill
1. George Washington
2. Abraham Lincoln
3. John Adams
4. Thomas Jefferson
? 2

Congratulations, you got 4 answers right.
That is a score of 80.0 percent.

When done, please submit to the dropbox as usual.

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