Internet and Networking Lab

Please copy and paste the interactive questions below into either a MS Word or Google Docs, then answer the questions using your computer.


  1. Find the IP address of the computer you are using and enter it below as your answer.
  2. Find the IP address either of your phone (try to look through your phone settings and wifi), or the computer of someone next to you. Use the “ping” command to test to see if your computer can communicate with it. Copy and paste the output here.
  3. Find the IP addresses of 2 of your favorite websites using the “nslookup” command in your terminal editor. Copy and paste the output here.
  4. Now use the “traceroute” command to trace the route that it takes to go from your computer to those 2 websites you listed in question number 2. Copy and paste the output here. How many different servers does it take for it to get from your computer to each destination website?
  5. Can you think of potential problems if two devices were to have the same IP address on a network?
  6. Explain how DNS is like using a phone book.

When done, please submit your assignment onto the server in a folder labeled with your name. This assignment is due by Wed Jan 18.

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