Lecture, computer security

Hello, welcome back from Spring Break. Today we will be starting a short lecture series on computer security. I will go over the Powerpoint below (you can download it to follow along on your computer).


When the lecture is done, please copy/paste the following questions into a word processing doc (MS Word or Google Docs) and answer the the questions and save them on the server.

What are the 3 pillars of the CIA triad of information security?

What are 3 different ways users can provide information to identify themselves for computer access?

In your opinion what are the top 4 guidelines for passwords?

What is the name of software that verifies that the user is not another computer?

What else other than your username and password is needed for 2 factor authentication?

What is the name for software that attempts to bypass authorization to perform unauthorized functions?

What are 2 mechanisms that antivirus software use to detect and remove malicious code?

Give at least 1 example of phishing and denial of service?

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