Video Activity on Stuxnet Virus

Today we will watch a video about the Stuxnet virus. It was a virus created by the US and Israeli Governments and up until now the most sophisticated virus ever written.

Copy/paste the questions and answers into a separate document:

What is an 0day (zero day) exploit?

How many 0days did Stuxnet have?

What is SCADA?

What is a PLC?

What was Stuxnet designed to do?

How exactly did Stuxnet work?

How did Stuxnet hide itself?

How was Stuxnet unstoppable?

What does it mean when a network is ‘air-gapped’?

How did Stuxnet jump the ‘air-gap’?

What happened to the Natanz nuclear facility?

Is the Stuxnet malicious code still a threat?

Here is the video:

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