Lecture Cryptography

Today we will be going over part 2 of the short lecture series on computer security which will be on cryptography. I will go over the Powerpoint below (you can download it to follow along on your computer).


When the lecture is done, please copy/paste the following questions into a word processing doc (MS Word or Google Docs) and answer the the questions and save them on the server.

What is the process called that converts plaintext into ciphertext?
What is a cipher?

What is a ceasar cipher and how does it work?

What is the process called that decrypts a message without knowing the cipher or the key used to encrypt it?

Which key is used to decrypt the message?

Which key is distributed freely?

What is a digital signature used for?

Why do you think encryption is necessary?

Yes or No, Why do you think software companies should create backdoors for encryption to allow law enforcement to gain access to data for criminal investigations?

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