Final assignment, Pygame

Well we have finally made it to the final assignment. I am really looking forward to what you will create.

Main Requirements:

  • must have an intro screen, that then goes to an instruction screen, that then goes to the main game (see the instructions program we created a few classes ago).
  • Intro screen requirements:
    • Must have a title (in text or graphic) for your game
    • Must have graphics, bitmap or computer drawn
    • Must include a way to move to next screen, and instructions to do so, eg. (hit enter to continue, click here to play)
    • Must display the current high score and the user
    • Must play a short background music when loading (5-10 secs)
  • Instructions screen requirements:
    • Must take in a username
    • Must explain the controls of the game, and how to gain points
    • Must include a way to move to the game screen, and instructions to do so, eg. (hit enter to continue, click here to play)
  • Game requirements:
    • must have a bitmap image sprite
    • must have a computer drawn sprite
    • must have sound effects in the main game
    • must have more than 1 level
    • when the game ends, display a game over message somewhere on the screen, then pause 2 secs before ending.

Ideas for games could be:

  • tic tac toe
  • typing game
  • space invaders
  • maze runner
  • frogger
  • pacman
  • road trip car game

If you are struggling to come up with a game, then modify the bullets code to make a space invaders type of game. You must have the following:

  • change the player to a bitmap sprite spaceship, make sure your image is small enough
  • create different kinds of enemies, some bitmap sprites, some ellipses, change sizes and colors of blocks
  • have the enemies move down the screen, then respawn at the top when they reach the bottom.
  • track if the enemy collides with the spaceship, then the game ends
  • create a new level where the enemies move quicker, and make more of them

Program comments:

I won’t require you to include psuedocode for this assignment, but you will need to include detailed comments in your program. A general guideline is that you provide 1 comment for every 3 lines of code in your program. Your comments should explain what the lines below are doing so that if someone else wanted to modify/add to to your program, they could understand what you are doing.

Due Date:

Your final assignment is due Wed Jun 14. Which is 10 classes to work on this assignment.


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