Saving High Scores to a File

Then we will look at how to read and write to a file to save the user’s name and a high score.

Copy and paste the following to your WingIDE:


Adding Text and getting User input in Pygame

Today we will look at adding text to the pygame screen, and examples of instruction screens. Then we will look at taking user input in pygame. Finally, we will look at a centipede example game, similar to a game that you could extend.

Adding Text, copy and paste the following into your wingIDE:

Adding Instructions, and getting user input, copy and paste the following into your wingIDE:

Artificial Intelligence Research Assignment

Your assignment is to research 1 artificial intelligence system and to create a short 1-page report about the system. You can use MS Word or Google Docs to create your report.

If you are not sure what kind of AI system to research, here are some ideas:

  • expert systems, self-driving cars, natural language processing, speech-recognition, hand-writing recognition, facial-recognition, pathing, deep neural networks


For your AI system chosen, please ensure you have answered the following questions:

Explain in detail what the system is.
Explain how the system is “intelligent”, ie. how does it learn?
What disciplines (eg. computer science, biology, sociology) are applied to the design of the system?
Explain the evolution of the system, who started it and how did it evolve to where it is today.
Provide at least 2 examples of the system. Include pictures if appropriate. What artificial intelligence principles are applied to make your example “intelligent”, ie. how does it learn? Explain details of how your example has achieved or not achieved its goals that the creators have set for it. What modifications are forseen to make your example function better.
What ethical implications are there for the system? Could it result in the Terminator scenario, or is it taking jobs away from humans, or is it an invasion of privacy, etc…
Please include hyperlink references to where you conducted your research. Please include a brief 1-sentence description of each resource used.


When done, please submit your 1-page report to the server. The assignment is due by the end of the class on Wed May 10.

Artificial Intelligence Defined

Today we will do a short lecture on artificial intelligence. Please follow along online here:

Copy and paste the following questions in a MS Word or Google doc, answer the questions, then submit them to the server when done.

1. Who was considered the father of Artificial Intelligence?


2. Artificial Intelligence is a way of ________.


3. What are the 2 goals of AI?



4. What disciplines can AI be comprised of?


5. What does AI technique attempt to do?


6. Name at least 3 applications of AI and look up an example of each field.


Chp 13 assignment

Your assignment is to modify the basic sprite program from chapter 13 in the following ways:

  • Make the black rectangles into blue circles/ellipses, keep them the same size.
  • Make the red player, into the spaceship from the graphics tutorial we did.
  • Add a sound to the program whenever the player eats 1 block. Choose a sound possibly from (
  • When the user eats up all the circles, end the game and display a message to the user in the console.

For tips on how to change the program to circles and a bitmap image, in the tutorial under chapter 13.1 there are details on how to do exactly that, it will require you modify parts of the main program as well,

Your assignment is due Fri May 5.