Year-end Assessment Activity

For the year-end assessment activity, you will be required to collect all of your .py files from throughout the past school year, and upload each of them to a new repository in your GitHub. Keep your final pygame game as a separate repository.

Step 1: Create a repository for all of you .py files that you created throughout this school year. After creating, upload all your .py files to your newly created repository

Step 2: Create a new MS Word Doc or Google Docs document. Copy and paste a link to your 2 GitHub repos, the one with your game, and the one with all of your .py files for the year, into your document.

Step 3: Copy and paste the following self-assessment questions and answer them in the same document:

  1. What Unit of study did you find the most interesting? and Why?
  2. Is there a particular Unit that you would like to explore more in depth after this course is completed?
  3. What Unit of study did you find most difficult. Describe an example of a program or problem that was hard. How did you overcome it, and how did you eventually solve it?
  4. How do you feel about your ability to create something using python having completed this course? Is there something you might want to create having completed this course (another game, another program), please explain.
  5. Please rate your work habit this past school year in this class, excellent, good, satisfactory, incomplete. Please explain why.

Step 4: Save your document, and hand it into the server as usual

This assignment will be worth 20% of your term 3 mark.